Martin's Landing Dolphins

Dolphin Families,

I hope you are all making it through the end of the 2016-2017 school year!  (I know that I am looking forward to summer!) I just wanted to send out an email with a few reminders about the upcoming week: 

Monday:  Normal Practice Schedule:  4:15 – 7:00pm
Tuesday:  Normal Practice Schedule:  4:15 – 7:00pm
Wednesday:  Time Trials, Volunteer Clinic, & Parents Meeting

Time trials starts at 5:00pm.  This is only for 8 & Unders and new swimmers to the team. 

**If your child can’t swim an entire lap by themselves, they don’t need to attend.   

Volunteer Clinic:  During time trials (5pm – 6pm), we will hold a volunteer clinic.  This will be your time to review how to read the psych sheets, heat sheets, and learn how to run a bullpen during the swim meet.  If you can’t make this session, we will hold another on Wednesday, May 30th at 9:30am.          

Parents Meeting:  The parents meeting starts at 7:00pm and will be at the Riverclub. 

We will go over everything you will need to know about meets and the rest of the season.  If you have any questions, this is a great time to get them answered.  We will also pass out T-shirts for those of you who signed up before May 1st, and Dolphin swimsuits for those of you who purchased them during the apparel fitting.  The first 30 families who come to the meeting will get a free T-Shirt!

Thursday:  NO practice!! This is the last day of school and the pool opens to the public.

Friday:  NO practice!! Pool is open to the public.

We have had a great first week of practice and I look forward to another great week!  Go Dolphins!!!!


Coach Kristen 

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