Martin's Landing Dolphins


We are holding a fundraiser at this meet for UGA Miracle at the June 12, 2017 home meet vs. Country Club of Roswell.  UGA Miracle is the largest philanthropic organization on UGA's campus. It is completely student run The funds raised by UGA Miracle benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  This fundraiser is being organized by Coach Rachel Taylor. You can learn more about UGA Miracle at:

Team Banquet

The swim banquet will be on Sunday, July 14th, at 5pm at the River Club pool. What a great way to celebrate a wonderful season!

Here are the instructions from 2018, this will be updated later for 2019.

Bring your own drink, we will have the extras from concessions. The team is providing BBQ. Each family need to provide a dish that serves between 12-20 people. Dishes again will be assigned based on the first letter of the family last name.

A-G- Fruit or dessert [Awards]
H-M- Sides (Mac and Cheese, Baked Beans etc.)
N-S- Chips (Please bring single serving bags - this way we have less waste)
T-Z- Salads (These need to be Vegetable/Pasta Salads)

RSVP Will close Thursday night (July 5th) before the banquet so that we can have a count for the BBQ.

​special Events

Swim Across america

 Coaches Eemil, Venla, and Anna are participating in Swim Across America team and would like your support.  Swim Across America raises money to fund life-saving cancer research and clinical trials. There will be a donation box at concessions.  You can view more info or donate online at: (Coach Eemil)  (Coach Venla)​. 
(Coach Anna)

Picture Day

Picture Day will be on Friday, June 12, 2019. .

Individual portraits start at 8:00am. There will be a much shorter line for the individual portraits if you come early. The team picture will be taken around 9:30 am. Please come and take part in the team photo even if you do not want any individual pictures. The group portrait should conclude at approximately 10 am. After the group shot, there will be donuts and an entire team Fun Friday until 11. Parents of 6 & Unders MUST stay during this time if their child is participating.

We have a new vendor so please look for updates