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​Registration for the 2018 is up! Here is the information you need to register.

Step 1: We are using a new company (Swimtopia) to handle our registration so the registration will look different from last year.  Register by May 1st to get a FREE T-SHIRT!

Link to 2018 Dolphin Registration

See pricing information below for more details about the cost for the Dolphin and Atlanta Swim Association registration.

Safety is our primary concern, and swim team practice sessions are not one on one swim lessons. Therefore, we will require that all children be at least 4 years old and able to swim from the “T” to the side of the pool by the end of the second week. We offer swim lessons to those children who are not able to be on the team.

If your child is age 7 and up they may sign up for the optional stroke clinic at this time or wait for practice to begin and see what the coaches suggest.

Note: Signup does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Lisa Stamey and she can sign you up manually.

More information and volunteer requirements can be found on the meet sign up page. Descriptions of all volunteer positions can also be found on the Meet Sign Up page.

Step 3: Dolphin Team Suit (Optional)

Our apparel fittings are finished but you can still order a Dolphin suit. Here is the link so that you can also order the suits online:

A couple of notes from the vendor:

1)  There's free shipping if folks order by the team cutoff - April 1st.  All orders placed by the cutoff are shipped in one shipment to the team coordinator.  To get free shipping to the team by the cutoff, folks enter the coupon "martinslanding" and shipping is taken off.

If folks order AFTER the cutoff, they can still get free shipping by shipping to any of our POPUP stores (there's a link to our locations & hours on the webpage).
There is a shipping charge for delivery to a home address.

2)  On your team's main page, don't be alarmed by suits of the "wrong" color.  It's just the main image displayed for the item.  Your correct team color is shown when folks click on the suit to start their order.  They can only order the suit in your team color:  same suits as last year - Dolfin sonic in blue with team logo.

​3)  We hope to have the suits delivered to us in time to be handed out at the parent meeting on May 23rd.

Dolphin registration fees for the team are $88 for your first swimmer (under age 16), $78 for the second and $68 for the third. Any additional swimmers in a family are free. Dolphin registration fees for all swimmers 16 years of age and over are free. Note that swimmers 16 and over do not count in the total for family Dolphin registration discounts. The Atlanta Swim Association League fee is $29.50 per swimmer. All swimmers must pay this fee (including the 16 and overs or anyone else that did not have to pay the Dolphin team fees). Late fees for the Atlanta Swim Association will be applied after April 15th. Non Martin’s Landing residents and those individuals who do not belong to the River club will have to pay an extra $35 per swimmer up to a maximum cost of $50 per family.

Note that the Dolphin fees and the Atlanta Swim Association fees will be paid at the same time on the same registration.

REFUND POLICY: To receive a refund of your registration the following procedure must be followed. The parent must submit a written request for the refund. The registration fee less $10 for each week per swimmer will be refunded. The request must be made by the end of the second week of practice. No refunds will be given after the second week of practice. The cut off date this year is Friday May 25, 2018.  Note that the Dolphins are not able to process the Atlanta Swim Association League fee refunds.  In order to obtain this portion of the refund, you will need to contact the Atlanta Swim Association with proof that you have withdrawn from the Dolphin swim team.

Stroke Clinic

To prepare the children for competition we supplement regular swim practice with stroke clinics.  If you would like your child to participate in this supplementary program, we offer it for a fee of $25 for all four strokes.  Stroke clinic is run daily.  Stoke clinic will start Tuesday, May 30th.  Stroke clinic is devoted to Free Style on Mondays, Backstroke on Tuesdays, Butterfly or Breaststroke on Wednesdays, Starts and Turns on Thursdays and Breaststroke or Butterfly on Fridays.  This is the preliminary schedule, please check with Coach Kristen to verify the actual schedule. There is no charge for starts and turns stroke clinic (Thursday).   Stroke clinic is normally for age 7 and up.  If your swimmer would like to participate in stroke clinic but is not yet 7, please consult with Kristen to see if they swim well enough to participate.

Note that stroke clinic is only for registered members of the 2018 Martin's Landing Dolphin swim team.


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Step 2: The Meet Volunteer Signup is Ready!

Just fyi, VolunteerSpot has changed it's name to SignUp.