Martin's Landing Dolphins

​​Volunteer Position Descriptions

With few exceptions, these jobs are straightforward.  No prior experience necessary!!  We provide free on-the-job training and 46 weeks of unpaid vacation. 

Timer – Timers are assigned to one lane for one half of the meet.  They time races with a stopwatch (provided by the team).  Really easy.  Timers work in pairs with a recorder.
Recorder – Recorders work with timers.  After a timer has timed a race, he calls out the time to the recorder who writes down the time on a sheet with the swimmer’s name and event #. 
Master recorder – Master recorders stand behind the judges.  After an event is complete, they take the results sheet from the judges and circulate across all lanes to record the times from the lane recorders.
Judge – This is the only position that requires some skill, diplomacy, and familiarity with swim meets.  Judges from each team sit together at the end of the pool to determine the order of finishes for each event. Judges must be accurate, fair, and unflappable.
Judge’s recorder – The judge’s recorder sits next to the judges (but does not participate in judging).  The recorder notes the order of finish as determined by the judges.
Runner – The runner is stationed with the judges and judges’ recorder.  He or she runs the results sheets (after they are completed by the master recorder) to the computer operator. 
Announcer – The announcer makes all announcements before, during, and after meets.  He or she announces the events currently taking place and those coming up.  He makes any announcements regarding concessions, team scores, etc.
On deck manager – The on-deck manager makes sure that all swimmers are lined up in the correct order and in the correct lane.  During relays, two on-deck managers are needed at each end of the pool to manage the younger swimmers.
Event board – At home meets, the event board manager flips the meet event numbers to keep the meet on track. We have an electronic board so this can be done from the comfort of your chair.
Bullpen – Bullpen parents are indispensable.  They ensure that swimmers get to the right place at the right time.  They make sure that swimmers stay with the group so that they don’t miss any events.  Bullpen parents typically stay with their bullpens for the entire meet.  For U6 parents, this is only the first half of the meet.  Note that bullpen parents are there to help but are not babysitters or miracle workers.  It is very important that parents and children understand that cooperation on everyone's part is necessary for the bullpen system to work.  PARENTS OF CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER: YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER AT LEAST ONE TIME FOR BULLPEN.  IF YOU ENJOY BULLPEN, WE’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU HELP FOR MORE THAN ONE MEET.
Concessions – At home meets, concessions volunteers help sell concessions during the meet.
Ribbons – These volunteers put stickers on the backs of ribbons.  The stickers are produced by the computer operators.  Stickers include all data for a particular swimmer and his/her event.  This way, our swimmers can keep track of the events they swam and their times in each event.  Ribbons volunteers are typically not busy toward the beginning of the meet, and business picks up as the meet progresses.
Computer operator– Runs the computer program during the meets, manages swimmer data, meet results, etc.  This job requires training.   If this sounds like the job for you, please let us know!