We're again using VolunteerSpot to organize our meet volunteering but VolunteerSpot has changed it's name to SignUp. Here is the link to the 2017 SignUp!


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Martin's Landing Dolphins

Volunteer Meet Sign-up for the Martins Landing Dolphins

Here is a description of the volunteer positions.

Meet Volunteer Descriptions

Please remember that everyone is required to volunteer for at least 4 assignments. We have estimated the number of volunteer assignments for the season based on the number of families we had last year.  If there is a change in the number of families, we may have to change the number of volunteer assignments.  I just wanted to share this with you upfront so that you will understand that the number is not arbitrary and that it is possible that we may need additional help as the season goes on in order to have the meet run successfully.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

If you would like to see a write-up about how a meet is run and the team rules.  This can be found in the Dolphin Handbook.