(from the ASA Rule Book)

CANCELLATION / POSTPONEMENT OF MEETS: Every effort must be made to
swim each meet as scheduled. In the event of inclement weather, each team must show up at
the pool on time. If at 5:30 the weather still precludes the meet from starting, the two team
representatives, two head coaches, and starter/referee will meet and decide whether to
postpone or reschedule the meet. Care for the safety of the swimmers and spectators
should be of the utmost importance in deciding whether or not to continue competition.
IF the meet is delayed more than 30 minutes due to Inclement Weather AND half the events
have been completed (43 events) AND there is a decisive winner (40 point lead or
more), THEN, the meet will be called and the leader takes the win.
IF the meet is delayed more than 30 minutes due to Inclement Weather AND less than half
the events have been completed (less than 43 events) OR if there is no decisive lead (less than
a 40 point spread), THEN, one Parent Rep and one Coach from each team should:
Agree to continue the delay for an additional 15 minutes, OR
Agree to reschedule (if there is sufficient time remaining in the season), OR
Agree to a tie and both teams will be credited with a win.
If the meet is at or past Event 66 (end of 15-18 boys breastroke) and a team is ahead by
30 points or more and the meet can't continue due to inclement weather that the meet
will be called and the leader wins the meet.
NOTE: If no agreement can be reached, then the Parent Rep of the leading team makes the
decision to either reschedule or take the tie. The option to continue the delay must be agreed
to by both teams.
If a meet is to be rescheduled, teams should make all efforts possible to swim the meet within
one week of the postponed meet. The home team should notify the league office of a
rescheduled meet and the need, if any, for a replacement starter/referee. Any rescheduled
meet will require each team to repeat the original procedures for a dual meet, this includes the
exchange of revised lineups for each team. Teams may change their lineups to deal with the
rescheduled date. The postponed meet does not impact the participation of swimmers in the
rescheduled meet.

ASA Weather Cancellation Policy

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