Martin's Landing Dolphins

Award Age Swimmer(s)
Most Improved 6 & under Anna Donges, Brayden Hooper
7-8 Mary Ward, Nicholas Dizon
9-10 Faith Ledesma, Dominick Ledesma
11-12 Edward Katzmark, Carolyn Shipley
Top Dolphin 6 & under Lila Ross, Elliott Donahoe
7-8 Skyla Stockard, Ryan Jaskwhich
9-10 Venla Harkonen, Peter Fabrizio
11-12 Caroline Williams, Will Holt
Rising Star Lila Ross and Jacob DuPlessis
Excellent Ears Christina Fabrizio and Luke Janco
Determination Kate Cave and Jake Dean
Work Horse Phoebe Turner and Oscar Lee
Sunshine Madison Hooper and Gavin Grubbs
Comic Relief Anthony Oliver
Coaches Lily Attis and William Walker

​2013 Banquet awards